Dude Safari – I Am Not Good (At Any Sports)

Dude Safari - I Am Not Good (At Any Sports)

Surrey, UK-based grunge quartet Dude Safari released a new single today. I Am Not Good (At Any Sports) is their sixth single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and the first composition the band offers this year. Like their previous numbers, I Am Not Good (At Any Sports) provides a healthy dosage of grunge revival through a colossal slab of raw, abrasive, heavy guitar riffs, robust basslines, and profoundly dynamic drumming segments. It’s a powerful tune that includes loads of listening pleasures and sonic delicacies from scratch to finish, but as is usually the case, Dude Safari offers more than meets the eyes.

Dude Safari

Besides the sheer dominance of both old-school and modern grunge sound, Dude Safari also combines some other ingredients along the way. You may stumble upon vividly hearable elements of nineties rock, alternative rock, garage rock, and punk rock music. However, these elements are only enhancing the composition, while the band stays loyal to the grunge aesthetics from beginning to end. The band thought about each detail during the writing, composing, recording, and producing process, so you’ll have a really good time while listening to this outstanding song. I Am Not Good (At Any Sports) is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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