Tyler Elden & The Night Figures – Bruised Love

Tyler Elden & The Night Figures - Bruised Love

New Jersey and Philadelphia-based alternative rock/indie rock music collective Tyler Elden & The Night Figures recently released a single. Bruised Love represents their debut single, which bursts with brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship. These highly experienced musicians decided to create havoc right from the start through delicate melodies, ear-appealing harmonies, thoughtfully arranged chord progressions, and they ultimately made it. To be quite honest, alternative rock music doesn’t get better than this, and this music collective proved that even the debut singles could sound professionally done like the greatest hits of some renowned bands. Tyler Elden & The Night Figures thought about every detail while writing, composing, arranging, and producing their debut single, so this composition shines brightly from scratch to finish.

Bruised Love combines the best qualities of contemporary alternative rock and indie rock, but somewhere deep down, this number carries even more genres that lurk around from time to time. You may hear some elements of pop-punk, emo, progressive rock, post-rock, post-hardcore, grunge, and nineties rock intervening with the primary musical directions, but somehow, it all works together in harmony. That’s the true beauty of Bruised Love, which surprises even more with each new listening. You can listen to Bruised Love on all streaming platforms.





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