You Say Jump, I Sad How High: Triptych Released A New Single/Video


Biffy Clyro is the biggest rock trio in Scotland, and now here comes Triptych, another young Scottish trio influenced heavily by their country’s heroes. “You Say Jump, I Say How High” is the debut single and accompanying video by Triptych, and it follows in the musical footsteps of that loud, distorted, melodic pop-rock mathematical majesty that Biffy Clyro created long ago.

Here’s what the singer/guitarist Finn Hennessy said about the track: “You Say Jump, I Say How High” is a song about moving on from people that were once important in your life and learning to live without them. You can feel reluctant to accept change but it usually ends the best thing to embrace it. The song is also a reflection of my metal health during the time I wrote the song.”

Triptych are the new rock sound of Glasgow, Scotland. Loud riffs influenced by Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Tokyo Police Club, Delta Sleep and Fugazi, this dynamic trio fuses off-time rhythmic meters and progressive math rock ideals, forging today’s New Alt Indie and post-alternative grunge into one. 

Formed as childhood friends in 2012 by Finn Hennessy on vocals and guitar, Jake Bhattacharyya on bass, and Matt Cunningham on drums, Triptych have signed a multi-album deal with Grunge Pop Records and are set to release their debut album produced by Chris Marshall in 2022.







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