The Shop Window Released Their New Single Today

The Shop Window

Maidstone, UK indie rock quintet The Shop Window returns with another outstanding single, available for listening on all streaming platforms today. Lighthouse is their second composition that promotes an upcoming full-length album due summer of 2022, but also a suitable follow-up to their previous single. After listening to this powerful indie rock composition, there’s no slightest doubt these experienced musicians spent most of their time enjoying the nineties indie rock music. Lighthouse bursts with that recognizable nineties rock vibe, eighties indie rock, but the band also threw some alternative rock, Brit-pop, and power pop into the mix as well.

The Shop Window - Lighthouse

The band takes all the best qualities of the beforementioned genres and blends them to perfection. You’ll stumble upon some sonic maneuvers that vividly resemble the greats of the genre. The Shop Window took R.E.M. and Teenage Fanclub as the main inspiration. Still, we would also like to add the almighty The Smiths into this mix. If you ever loved these bands, then you will fall in love with the excellent performance of The Shop Window, who nailed this number. Lighthouse is available for listening on all streaming services.

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