Sweat – Gotta Give It Up LP (Pirates Press Records)

Sweat - Gotta Give It Up LP - Pirates Press Records

Here’s one of the latest releases by Pirates Press that arrived at our headquarters this week. I wasn’t familiar with this band until I heard their debut single from the upcoming album, and as far I can remember, I continued spinning the tune for the rest of the week. It was so damn good! Sweat is a relatively new band on the hardcore punk scene, but it consists of experienced musicians previously engaged with hardcore bands like Dangers, Dogteeth, Ghostlimb, Graf Orlock, and many others. If you stumbled upon these bands before, then you probably know what you can expect from their latest band. Otherwise, I highly recommend Gotta Give It Up, their debut full-length release, which will be out on February 4 via Pirates Press Records.

To be quite honest with you, Gotta Give It Up carries all the vital elements of contemporary hardcore punk music. However, Sweat offers even more through its energetic sound. Perhaps hardcore punk is their primary weapon of choice, but this band likes to experiment with different styles in order to achieve the desired sound. You will surely stumble upon some sludge, stoner rock, hard rock, grunge, and punk rock. They’re not exploring the heavier ingredients through downtuned guitar riffs but rather apply similar ideas to the standard guitar tunings. Of course, you will notice a couple of classic hardcore punk songs where the group nurtures more traditional sound, but it seems Sweat are more into combining rock’n’roll with hardcore punk than reinventing the same old wheel.

The guitars are somewhat raw, abrasive, generously distorted, but not overly fuzzy like a stoner or sludge shredders usually do. Sweat is more into British crunch sound like Orange amps, which goes perfect with hardcore punk music. The riffs are aggressive, dirty, heavy, cleverly arranged, and full of catchy rock’n’roll maneuvers. You’ll notice that most of their raw sound comes from guitars, so if the dirty, abrasive, crunchy sound is your game, then Gotta Give It Up will be right up your alley. The bass guitar fills the gaps and contributes to the massiveness of the band with heavy low-end tones. For some reason, the bass guitar is not overly distorted, and this configuration works like a charm in this case. The exceptional rhythm section carries all the dynamics of the band through thoughtfully arranged rhythmic segments, accentuations, and fills. The impressive lead vocal enhances an already aggressive sound with classic hardcore shoutouts that perfectly suit the sonic background.

Gotta Give It Up will easily end up on your best of 2022 list and undoubtfully as one of your favorites in your vinyl collection if you’re into raw, aggressive, energetic hardcore punk music. The album is currently available for preorder in several vinyl variants, so head to Pirates Press Records and grab your favorite one.

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