Leopard Rays

Something Like Hell: Leopard Rays Released A Brand New Single

Leopard Rays
Photo By CVY Photography

Hartlepool, UK-based alternative rock quartet Leopard Rays released a brand new single. Something Like Hell is their first single launched this year and a proper continuation of their previous works. Still, it seems that the group returns with some changes in sound that unquestionably work to their advantage. This single vividly resembles the nineties alternative rock music, decorated with complementary ingredients such as contemporary indie rock, post-rock, grunge, and shoegaze. Nevertheless, Leopard Rays stay true to their primary musical direction, and alternative rock is, without any doubt, the first genre you’ll notice while listening to this ear-appealing composition.

Leopard Rays
Photo By CVY Photography

Something Like Hell carries a calmy, relaxing, soothing ambiance that offers a cathartic listening experience. Leopard Rays keep their orchestrations calm during the verses, but the band bursts with sheer energy during the catchy choruses. The addition of cello over semi-distorted and acoustic guitars works like a charm throughout the entire number and serves as a nice contrast to the abrasive-sounding, generously distorted riffs included within choruses. Something Like Hell is a perfect alternative rock composition that demands your utmost attention. The single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.







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