Clapping For Carers: Mules Premiered A Debut Track Today


Brighton, UK post-punk quartet Mules released a debut single today via HalfMeltedBrain Records. Clapping For Carers showcases a profoundly energetic performance of the band, based upon several complementary genres. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk sound, Mules are incorporating elements of post-hardcore, noise rock, art-punk, punk rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. This particular composition presents all their musical interests packed into a giant slab of well-articulated, dynamic, harmonious noise. Judging by the brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship, it seems that the group invested heart and soul into this number.


Clapping For Carers is unquestionably one of those debuts that seek your full attention while listening, mainly because of all the details these guys implemented within a singular track. No matter if we’re talking about flawless arpeggiated chord progressions, vividly hearable basslines, or thoughtfully assembled rhythmic segments, Mules placed in Clapping For Carers everything you ever needed from a post-punk track. The band continuously levitates between sheer aggression and a much calmer harmonious side, but they also thought about the balance between these two qualities. It’s a tremendous debut track from a very promising band, and we highly advise you to check them out. You can listen to Clapping For Carers on all streaming platforms.






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