The Von Tramps

The Von Tramps Released A New Video

The Von Tramps

With the single 2AMThe Von Tramps step out of the repetitive pattern of falling in love with the wrong person over and over again. Based on the mantra “Nothing good happens after 2AM”, the typical late-night phone call becomes a key element of the songwriting and the video.

Jenna Enemy: “I remember we used to have a corded phone in our house. I miss how you could emphatically end a call by slamming the receiver down on the machine. I started playing with an old phone I still have at home and decided it might be a cool piece for a video. In the video for 2AM, you’ll see each band member in a separate room busy with their own rotary phone, trying to escape a repetitive patter by hanging up when it rings.”

The trio chose to shoot the video with a unique vintage theme in an original 1960s pool house. For the band, the coolest part of the shoot was seeing how each room became a character in its own right – with its own unique and distinctive look. But the vintage references go even further: In one scene, Jenna, Chelsea and Krissandra are floating on a giant mattress in the middle of an indoor pool – a slight nod to the zaniest bands of yesteryear, like The Monkees. In true The Von Tramps fashion the video was produced, shot and edited by themselves.

2AM is the first single from their upcoming album GO, which will be released on March 11, 2022 via SBÄM Records.






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