Golden Plates

Blue California: Golden Plates Unleashed A New Single Today

Golden Plates

Californian post-punk artist Golden Plates have released a brand new single today. Blue California promotes the self-titled extended play, which is available for listening on Bandcamp page. The initial idea for this particular composition came up when the artist watched Blue Hawaii, starring Elvis Presley. Even the chorus resembles one of Presley’s greatest hits, Can’t Help Falling In Love, which was obviously the intention of Golden Plates. Still, Blue California resonates with a dreamy, shoegazey, saddened, psychedelic atmosphere that will especially suit those listeners who’re profoundly into goth rock and post-punk sound. It’s an ambiance Golden Plates is familiar with, so Blue California sounds superb from scratch to finish.

You will solely enjoy soothing piano melodies, calmy basslines, pleasant ambiance, and moderate beats. The rhythm section keeps a slower pace from beginning to end, and this tempo undoubtfully suits the remainder of the orchestrations. Still, it seems that reverby, echoic, delayed guitar soundscapes play one of the significant roles besides enormously hypnotic lead vocals. Blue California is such a perfect overture to the rest of the self-titled EP, which unquestionably sounds like a charm. You can listen to Blue California on all streaming services, while the self-titled EP is available on Bandcamp.







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