Adrenaline Storm: NASMORE Released A New Single Today


Regina, Canada rap-rock artist NASMORE released a brand new single today. Adrenaline Storm is the fourteenth single in the row from the series of singles launched in 2021 and the first single this year. The composition deals with the chaos, psychological challenges, and troubles caused by the evergoing pandemic. The pandemic creates such havoc around the globe, so Adrenaline Storm is one of those songs we can all identify with, no matter on which side of the planet you are located. NASMORE unquestionably shared his opinions, observations, fears, and frustrations about the beforementioned pandemic.

Adrenaline Storm is a cleverly assembled composition that includes all the vital elements of several complementary music genres. You may stumble upon sonic ingredients such as rap, electronic music, indie rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, and hard rock. The track possesses well-arranged segments that build the atmosphere through dynamic beats, sub-basses, melodic keys, and distorted guitar shreds. This release also includes an instrumental composition, so Adrenaline Storm acts as a double single worth checking out. You can listen to it on all streaming platforms.







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