Kevin Rieth Released The Third Single

Photo By Jeremy Houtz

San Diego, California-based indie artist Kevin Rieth released new single yesterday. When I Sleep is the third single from his upcoming debut full-length album Up & Up. It comes right after Hug The Line and Robert Dufresne, two astounding compositions that span over so many music genres. As usual, Kevin Rieth continues to amaze with his brilliant ideas, impressive musicianship, and a sense for writing, composing, and recording powerful indie songs. This time, Keith incorporates indie, soul, funk, psychedelic rock, and dream pop, but you’ll probably stumble upon some other genres as well. One thing is for sure, When I Sleep is one of those numbers worth checking out if you’re profoundly into the beforementioned genres.

Kevin Rieth
Photo By Jeremy Houtz

When I Sleep possesses an addictive funky bassline that lurks around during the entire song. The warm-sounding low-end tones are doing wonders to this song, and Kevin Rieth paid a lot of attention to the rhythm section, which is undoubtfully something special. You may also notice the presence of funk in flawlessly performed arpeggiated chord progressions and other guitar licks. The brass and symphonic sections alongside relaxing keyboard ambiances accentuate the remainder of the orchestrations, so this song continuously sounds complex. Besides being a great writer/producer/composer, Kevin Reith is also a good singer, and his voice spices things up even more. When I Sleep is a powerful indie track that you surely don’t want to miss. You can listen to the song on all streaming services.

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