Giant Head Collective Recently Released A New Single

Giant Head Collective

Giant Head Collective recently released a brand new single. Without Me is the fourth single in a row from a series of singles launched last year. It’s also their last single released at the very end of 2021. This particular composition talks about the dysfunctional relationship between two lovers and the realization that maybe they’re not a perfect match for each other. It’s a sad indie-rock number, but it will also empower those who’re in the same situation to move on after a bad relationship. Soundwise, Giant Head Collective explores various subgenres of rock music, such as indie rock, soft rock, the eighties, and nineties rock.

Without Me possesses loads of flawlessly performed orchestrations. Besides soothing male lead vocals, you may stumble upon classic soft rock riffs, arpeggiated indie rock chord progressions, and a massive sounding rhythm section. The entire composition is thoughtfully assembled, perfectly arranged, and is hides loads of cleverly implemented accentuations. Without Me is a piece of artistry you don’t want to miss if you’re profoundly into indie rock music. The song is available for listening on all streaming services.

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