Bone Cult Released A New Single/Video

Bone Cult
Photo By Alice Mills

Nottingham, UK electro/post-hardcore duo Bone Cult recently released a brand new single. Premature Burial is their first single this year that comes right after the Entropy, a single they have released in 2021. The duo continues to expand their sound by incorporating elements of alternative, post-hardcore, post-metal, post-rock, industrial, electronic music, and other similar genres. Premature Burial explores the early 2000s nu-metal/post-hardcore sound that vividly resembles something renowned greats such as Deftones, Incubus, Thrice, Underoath, Enter Shikari would eventually record throughout their careers. However, Bone Cult implemented more post-rock and post-metal aesthetics into their new single, so Premature Burial bursts with ear-appealing cinematic ambiance.

Bone Cult
Photo By Alice Mills

Premature Burial continuously levitates between the cinematic ambiance, industrial, electronic accentuations, and heavy, sludgy, colossal guitar riffs that unquestionably define this number. The mixture of electronic beats and analog rhythmic sequences enhances this composition, and percussive synthy accentuations decorate each included segment. The atmosphere is melancholic, saddened, dark, but hypnotic, cathartic, ear-appealing from scratch to finish. Bone Cult unquestionably invested heart and soul into Premature Burial. Each note, tone, and beat included within this powerful song are living proof of it. You can stream the single on all streaming services, while the video is available for watching on YouTube.

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