The Midnight Vortex Released Their Second Single Today

The Midnight Vortex
Photo By Jack Sands

London, UK, alternative rock quintet The Midnight Vortex released a brand new single today. Long Way Ahead is their second single, which comes right after critically acclaimed Before You Know. Soundwise, Long Way Ahead carries all the best qualities of alternative rock, indie rock, nineties rock, grunge, and blues ballads. Still, it seems that The Midnight Vortex took all these elements to an entirely new level through brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship. The composition possesses a moderate beat that offers a relaxing rhythmic background for the remainder of the group. The cathartic, sharp, clean-sounding chord progressions contribute to the soothing sound, while the cleverly assembled basslines give massiveness to the song. Nevertheless, these low-end tones also serve as the glue that comes between guitars and drums. Flawlessly performed lead vocals are adding another layer of melodies and harmonies to already perfect orchestrations.

Photo By Jack Sands

Long Way Ahead sounds like a true masterpiece that shines bright on the contemporary alternative rock scene. Perhaps The Midnight Vortex are inspired by the greats such as Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, and Candlebox, but Long Way Ahead represents the superb sound of the band that amazes with each new song. You can listen to Long Way Ahead on all streaming services.

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