Kevin Rieth Unleashes The Second Single

Kevin Rieth

Californian alternative rock artist Kevin Rieth continues to amaze with one of his latest singles. Robert Dufresne is the second single in a row from the series of singles he launched in 2021 and a composition that comes right after Hug The Line, the tune we previously covered on our pages. Like his previous number, Robert Dufresne announces the upcoming album Up & Up, set for release later this year. This time, Kevin Rieth goes even more into the depths of alternative rock by combining several complementary genres in pleasant polyphonous harmony. The entire composition will leave you speechless.

Perhaps alternative rock is Rieth’s primary weapon of choice, but he proved once again that’s not necessarily the only genre enclosed within his songs. Robert Dufresne thoroughly explores power pop, dream pop, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, and symphonic rock. It’s a time travel to the seventies rock empowered with flawlessly performed chants, progressive instrumentations, cleverly assembled segments, striking accentuations, and excellent arrangements. Still, Robert Dufresne goes poppy during the cathartic verses and returns to rock waters during the punchy choruses. Kevin Reith also included much more contemporary indie music maneuver, so there’s something for everyone in this ear-appealing number. You can listen to Robert Dufresne on all streaming services.

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