First Frontier Released Their Third Single Today

First Frontier
Photo By Paul Stafford

Birmingham, UK-based rock duo First Frontier released a brand new single today. Edging is their third single in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and their first single in 2022. After grunge-infused alternative rock debut, such as Break Away and cathartic post-punkish indie-rock tune like Jagged Line, First Frontier return with a catchy punk rock number that expands the sound of the duo even more. First Frontier are inspired by various music genres that work together like a charm, so their tunes always burst with compactness, catchiness, and balance. That’s the case with Edging, which resonates with a similar ambiance as their previous songs, but this time, the duo sails in much more energetic punk rock waters.

Photo By Paul Stafford

Besides vividly hearable elements of punk rock music, Edging also carries some other ingredients like garage rock, grunge, and alternative rock. It possesses an abrasive, raw, grungy sound that perfectly suits punk aesthetics. Lyricwise, Edging deals with plans that went wrong, missed attempts, unrealized dreams, so this song applies to everyone who ever tried to do something in life but failed on so many levels. In its essence, this number teaches us to keep trying until we achieve our goals. Edging is available for listening on all streaming services.

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