Sweat Premiered A New Single


LA’s Sweat has released their latest song “Machismo”, which comes from their debut LP Gotta Give It Up. The album is available for pre-order on Pirates Press Records’ webstore and will be available in local record stores on February 4, 2022.

“‘Machismo’ is about, very simply put, about not being a fucking creep. Of course, it touches on the nuances of experiencing life as a person trying to navigate the frustrations and exhaustion of dodging creeps and entertaining einsteins, but mostly it’s about how the only person that can ooze machismo is Razor Ramon, everyone else: figure it out,” says vocalist Tuna Tardugno.

Sweat previously released its first single from Gotta Give It Up, “Hit & Run,” which is available on all streaming platforms. The band has also released several live in-studio performances for “Hit & Run” and “Joke’s On Me” (from their debut 7”) which demonstrate the ferocity and aggression that Sweat brings to their live performance led by their dynamic frontwoman Tuna Tardugno.

SWEAT - Gotta Give It Up

“As a three piece, (vocals, guitar and drums), recording is more of a puzzle of figuring out what can be done live (where guitar and drums are always recorded together), and what can be woven in later. Everything was recorded to tape at Atomic Garden studio by Jack Shirley and kept as immediate as we could to try to capture a more classic sound, albeit one siphoned through some latent, unmitigated rage,” adds guitarist Justin Smith.

SWEAT is comprised of members from bands like Graf Orlock, Dangers, Dogteeth, Ghostlimb, and others, the band formed in early 2019 to create their own unique take on hardcore and heavy music.

As veterans of the southern California music scene for over two decades, SWEAT brings a plethora of different influences and experiences to its sound and songwriting. From classic rock to 80s hard to Swedish punk, the band effortlessly intertwines these varied influences to bring a raw, hardcore sound with the underpinnings of the more refined elements of classic rock.

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