Urethane Unveiled A Video For Inheritance Featuring Jim Lindberg Of Pennywise


Pop-punk outfit URETHANE has unveiled their new music video for “Inheritance” featuring guest vocalist Jim Lindberg of Pennywise. “The premise of ‘Inheritance’ is rooted in the idea that all of our flaws, negative character traits, addictions, unhealthy behaviors, bad ethics/morals are passed down to us either genetically or through learned behavior from our parents,” explains guitarist, legendary Hall of Fame professional skateboarder, and cultural icon Steve Caballero.

heir debut album Chasing Horizons was produced, engineered, and mixed by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Megadeth, Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Pennywise). It continues to build momentum. Alternative Press raved, “powerful debut record.” New Noise Magazine declared, “Chasing Horizons is a throwback to The Descendents, Bad Religion and Dillinger Four – smart lyrics that go down easily thanks to a mix of aggressive guitars and drumming, catchy hooks, and remarkably sweet melodies. Rockfreaks vowed, “Chasing Horizons is a godsend for any Alkaline Trio fan waiting for their next genre classic to arrive. Rebel Noise boasted, “high-energy, catchy, and aggressive anthems.” 

Urethane - Chasing Horizons

Limited edition vinyl is now available for preorder directly through Cyber Tracks. Available color variants include black, orange crush, and piss yellow splatter. Estimated arrival from the pressing plant is sometime during April.  

Chasing Horizons is jam-packed with catchy choruses and melodic hooks that range from mid-tempo sing-a-longs to aggressive fist-pumping screamers. Also, it was written during quarantine so the lyrical theme leans a bit dark. From depression (“Gravity”) to narcissism (“Avalanches” feat. Toby Morse of H2O) to the bad traits and genetics we inherit and are forced to live with (“Inheritance” feat. Jim Lindberg of Pennywise) to being your own worst enemy (“Love Letter Bombs”) to contentious relationships (“What You Get”) to love conquering even the darkest times (“What Becomes Of Us”) – lead vocalist and guitarist Tim Fennelly examines the challenges of everyday life. 

URETHANE formed during the infectious pandemic in 2020. The lineup consists of vocalist/guitarist Tim Fennelly (War Fever), guitarist Steve Caballero (The Faction, Odd Man Out, Soda), bassist Chad Ruiz (Skipjack), and drummer Dylan Wade (The Bombpops). Their musical roots are undeniably influenced by punk rock, pop-punk, and melodic hardcore. Chasing Horizons was released on September 24, 2021 via Cyber Tracks.   

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