Gilan Channels Inner Demons Through The Latest Single

Gilan - Screaming

Gilan released the latest single named Screaming in late September this year. The composition deals with mental health, emotional rollercoasters, wars inside the head, and there’s a pretty much good reason for writing and composing the song that raises mental health awareness. Growing up in the Middle East as an LGBT+ person of color, Gilan had more than enough reasons to be frustrated. Perhaps moving to Greater London helped out in so many ways, but the frustration and inner demons are still there, lurking around and causing unsettling feelings. Perhaps Screaming reflects Gilan‘s struggles, but it comes as an ode to all the LGBT+ people of color who unquestionably struggled with the same frustrations while growing up.

Gilan - Screaming

Musicwise, Screaming perhaps comes close to grunge and nineties alternative rock. However, this particular composition also includes hard rock, indie rock, pop-rock, or any other form of rock music that’s closely related to the grunge movement. Gilan’s voice resonates with so much power, sincerity, confidence, and it sounds like the guiding voice that encourages you to walk proudly through life. No matter what you’re going through, there’s will always be the light at the of the tunnel to guide you. That’s what’s Screaming is all about. Screaming is available for listening to on streaming platforms.

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