Legendary French Grindcore Band Blockheads To Release Their Sixth Full-Length Material Via Lixiviat Records & Bones Brigade

Blockheads are releasing their new sixth full-length material called Trip To The Void via Lixiviat Records & Bones Brigade Records on November 15th. Legendary French grindcore group returns with 25 in-your-face tracks full of growls, screams, striking guitar shreds, and terrorizing blastbeats. Trip To The Void is a must for every true grindcore fan.

For 30 years now, Blockheads have set a course on the heart of original grindcore. Call it old school, call it political, all in all, they sticked to the idea of criticizing and analyzing the world as it is: cold, oppressive, and bleak. Now it is time to release their sixth album: “Trip to the Void”. Their sonic punishing blastbeat and trademark neck-breaking groove have never been sharper, refined on stage with the likes of Napalm Death, Carcass, or Mumakil, and condensed into the span of these 25tracks/28 minutes of sheer aggression. With their darker work to date, Blockheads are back, uncompromising and straight to the point, as grindcore should always be.

Blockheads - Trip To The Void

Blockheads was born at the turn of the 90s, in the deindustrialized region of Nancy. Things started to get serious, however, when Fred joined the band in 1991. 

Two years later, the band released its first demo Haaashaastaak, followed in 1995 by its first album Last Tribes. The band explored ecological and nature-related themes in ancient and non-European cultures.

In 1998, the group, largely renewed, released its second album Watch Out, strongly marked by the hardcore scene of its time through the contribution of Ludo and Payot, who joined the group. Blockheads then began to tour more regularly and to forge a reputation as a live band, alongside Carcass, Entombed or Napalm Death. 

The years 2000 mark a new turning point for the band, with the re-release of their first two albums, under the title From Womb To Genocide, which signs the beginning of their collaboration with Bones Brigade. 2001 sees the arrival of Human Parade, as well as Antoine on guitar. The record is a real step forward, both in terms of violence and sound power. The band then starts to fully exploit the qualities of its drummer Nico, unfailing cornerstone of the Blockheads machine. The various performances, on numerous festivals, allow the band to establish itself solidly among its peers.

In 2006, the band released the album Shapes Of Misery on Overcome Records. The album, recorded by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast), finishes putting in place all the elements that make up the Blockheads style: punishing blastbeats, d-beat in the English tradition, scathing and groovy hardcore riffs, and back vocals screamed by all the members of the band. It also marks the first appearance of Raph on bass duty. The band quickly starts a tour with Mumakil, with whom they record a split 7”.

In July 2012, Blockheads signed with Relapse Records and released This World Is Dead the following year, recorded by Nostromo and Mumakil guitarist Jerome. The record marks the arrival of Erik on bass, and allows them to go one step further, with the band scouring festivals like Hellfest, Dreadfest, Chimpy Fest or OEF, again.

For the 30th anniversary of the band, Blockheads releases its sixth album, Trip To The Void, on Lixiviat and Bones Brigade. Both denser and darker, it signs the return of a band that has never stopped believing in an honest and unadorned form of grindcore, turned towards social, ecological and egalitarian themes.







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