Momy Fortuna - Hexennacht

Momy Fortuna – Hexennacht

I have to admit I looked forward to listening to and writing about this particular release. There’s something eerie, strange, obscure about the appearance and sound of this group. Call it however you want, but the weird and unique sound is more than welcome on Thoughts Words Action. It comes as a desperately needed refreshment after days spent talking about hardcore and punk rock music. Don’t get me wrong, I adore punk rock, but we welcome diversity on these pages. As the group stated on their official website, Momy Fortuna is a ritualistic, neoclassical, cult wave band, and their astrological sign is horror-score. That description is pretty much accurate, considering the sound this quartet delivers to the broader auditorium.

Hexennacht is a debut full-length by this outstanding Canadian feminine group, and it contains eight premium experimental compositions. Momy Fortuna takes a neoclassical approach to goth rock, black metal, cult wave, neo-baroque, but also leaves enough space for some experimentations with sound. Their compositions sound like a perfect soundtrack for witchery, occult rituals, summoning demons, dancing with the ghosts, calling out the dead, or traveling to hell and back. Momy Fortuna delivers horrorscapes like no one else before. Somehow the group founded a perfect formula where neoclassical music intervenes with black metal. Still, Momy Fortuna avoids further classifications with the traditional black metal scene because their music is more sophisticated, atmospheric, calmer, and complex. There’s a certain amount of suspense in their sound that holds your attention from scratch to finish. It’s a desperately needed tension, eerieness, dark ambiance that every horror soundtrack should possess.

Momy Fortuna avoids using electric guitar, and their music appears like they don’t need that kind of an instrument. The band replaced guitars with violins, keyboards and implemented a standard rhythm section consisting of bass guitar and drums. There are also percussions added over the top, so the rhythm section sounds even more complex. Still, it seems that Momy Fortuna solely focuses on delicate vocal performances, usually decorated with two or more back vocals. Their vocal performance creates the beforementioned eerie, obscure, dark atmosphere that will unquestionably appeal to all the curious par of ears who get used to weird but flawlessly performed experimental music. You’ll be blown away by the layers of melodies, harmonies, dark ambiances, sinister soundscapes, hypnotic chants, and an overall hellish atmosphere. Hexennacht is available on all streaming platforms.




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