Ingaja Unleashes A Brand New Single

Photo By Domas Rimeika

After a very successful debut full-length, released nearly a year ago, Ingaja returns with a brand new single called Awakening. This particular composition deals with the sinking feeling when everything you knew suddenly disappears after you’ve been left alone. Awakening forces the listeners to awake from the state of denial and embrace the reality, as hard as it could eventually be at the moment. The composition creates such a specific atmosphere, so it flawlessly matches the meaningful message enclosed within subtle, melancholic, but ear-appealing melodies. It encourages the listener to keep searching for happiness within itself and it’s surroundings to heal from the stressful situation caused by being left alone.

Photo By Domas Rimeika

“Dreams are a way to get to know yourself better. It is a unique opportunity to connect with your inner world and discover endless layers in it. As the famous psychologist Erich Fromm states, dreams are like a microscope through which everyone can peak into know the hidden gems of the soul. This is an important way to communicate with yourself. Every dream can provide a lot of valuable and meaningful information. By observing the symbols, a person can better understand his authentic voice.” – Ingaja shares her thoughts.

Through Awakening, Ingaja combines the elements of dark pop, indie pop, dream pop, art pop with shoegazey cinematic ambient and indie folk. However, you may also stumble upon some other elements that are defining some other genres like goth rock, post rock, progressive rock, but performed in a more subtle, delicate, sophisticated manner. Powered by a powerful voice that continiously levitates from calmy chants to slightly heavier, high-pitched singing, Ingaja shines bright on the spotlight with brilliant vocal abilities, impressive ideas and outstanding musicianship. Awakening is available for listening on streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, while the offical video for this composition is available for watching at YouTube.

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