Fortune Cookie Club - Les Chansons De La Gloire LP - Hell For Breakfast Records

Fortune Cookie Club – Les Chansons De La Gloire LP (Hell For Breakfast Records)

Fortune Cookie Club - Les Chansons De La Gloire LP - Hell For Breakfast Records

At some points, I was very skeptical about this release when I opened the box with vinyl records and stumbled across it, among many others stacked in the package. There was something fishy going on with the album cover. I was not convinced enough this band is serious with its intentions to mimic hard rock musicians. The wig that one of the band members wore forced me to think they’re just having a great time joking around, and I was right about it. Fortune Cookie Club is another great Canadian band from the Hell For Breakfast Records roster that emanates from Montréal, Québec. Les Chansons De La Gloire is their latest effort, released by the beforementioned label in 2019. Besides this album, the group also released a couple of full-lengths, several extended plays, and loads of singles. I highly advise you to check out all their recordings because this group unquestionably deserves it.

Les Chansons De La Gloire is the third full-length recording by Fortune Cookie Club. It contains ten incredible compositions that are defying further classification into a particular genre. Their tunes indicate enormous admirations towards melodic punk rock, but as is usually the case, the group reveals more than meets the eye as the album proceeds. Besides the sheer dominance of melodic punk rock, you may hear some other similar ingredients, such as skate punk, pop-punk, melodic punk rock, softcore, and indie rock. The group thoughtfully assembles the entire material according to their musical interests, so each tune hides hidden gems that define some of the abovementioned genres. There are loads of segments, sequences, accentuations that showcase the diversity of this creative quartet, and Fortune Cookie Club leaves the listener speechless in so many ways during the entire album.

Fortune Cookie Club leans towards a contemporary melodic punk rock approach on these tunes, but you may also hear some characteristics that define the nineties punk rock sound. The group thoroughly explores these aesthetics but leaves enough room for some other maneuvers and sonic delicacies. The guitars are unquestionably shining bright throughout the entire recording. You may hear countless guitar dualities from scratch to finish, and all of them sound superb. These dualities are one of the main ingredients of Fortune Cookie Club, supported by the stable rhythm section. Both bass guitar and excellent drumming performance are sounding equally good as guitar segments. The exceptional production works as an advantage of the entire band, so you can vividly hear each instrument in the mix. The vocals are coming like harmonic/melodic layers over the top, and I can’t really find any mistakes on this recording. Everything sounds marvelous from scratch to finish. Les Chansons De La Gloire is available on vinyl record, so head over to Hell For Breakfast Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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