The Bare Minimum Are Streaming Their Latest Single

The Bare Minimum

The Bare Minimum are returning on the scene with another banging composition that will unquestionably blow away all the fans of profoundly dynamic music. Emerging from the Toronto, CA punk rock scene, The Bare Minimum is the band that loves to move boundaries in everything. Therefore, they’re shaking the foundations of melodic punk rock as we know it with their latest piece of work. Bitter Pill showcases The Bare Minimum on the peak of their power, but as usual, this group demonstrates some pretty awesome moves along the way. Perhaps this is just another melodic punk rock song, based upon skate punk sound, drenched in catchy pop-punk choruses and robust verses, but this band uplifts these maneuvers on an entirely new level.

The Bare Minimum

Bitter Pill possesses all the necessary melodics and harmonies, but on the other side, it offers a decent amount of aggression, energy, and dynamic. The Bare Minimum never disappoints the fans of melodic punk rock, and it seems that this time these Canadian skate punks are returning better than ever. We’re talking about the band who shared the stage with No Fun At All, Adrenalized, Meat Wave, and who knows how many other bands. You’ll fall in love with their song as soon as you press play. Bitter Pill is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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