Hybrid Kid Streams The Latest Single

Hybrid Kid

Hybrid Kid treated us with a marvelous new composition that defies any classifications into a singular genre. Fallout showcases all the qualities of British indie rock music but with notable touches of several other genres. These additional elements are enhancing, decorating, and accentuating this particular number on an entirely new level. You may stumble upon ingredients such as post-punk, surf-rock, dream pop, alternative rock, but Hybrid Kid is not stopping there. This band always finds its way to indulge listening apparatuses even more, and that’s because of the enormous creativity and exquisite musicianship of the entire group. Through Fallout, Hybrid Kid demonstrates how indie rock should sound in the 21st century.

Hybrid Kid - Fallout

Hybrid Kid pays a lot of attention to harmonies, melodies, arpeggiated themes, and chord progressions. The guitar carries 50% of the sound, while the bass and drums are responsible for the other half. That doesn’t mean these two instruments are unimportant. Quite the contrary, Fallout wouldn’t sound this good without thoughtfully arranged basslines and exceptional drumming performance. The lead vocals are coming like a cherry on the top and defining the profoundly melodic sound of this brilliant band. Fallout is available on streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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