Alex Julia Promotes Her Latest Single

Alex Julia

We’ve all been struggling in the past couple of years due to quarantine and isolation. It affected our lives, mental health, daily activities, work, and other segments of life. Music comes as a healing element in these situations to uplift our mood and give a glimpse of hope. It gives more than necessary support to endure in these troubling times. The latest single by Alex Julia serves as a perfect healing element. It’s one of those compositions coming with a full-specter of soothing melodies that will unquestionably cheer you up. The pleasant tones of Like The Sun are coming as a ray of sunshine in these desperate times full of dark clouds, negativities, and depression.

Alex Julia - Like The Sun

Like The Sun is a semi-acoustic, semi-distorted, calmy indie rock/indie folk number with alternative rock/classic pop sensibilities. This particular track fuses all these ingredients into a harmonious slab of melodies, harmonies, pleasant chord progressions, accentuating guitar solos, and other sonic delicacies. Alex‘s soothing voice sparks with positivity and is setting up the mood for brighter days to come. It’s a powerful composition fully stacked with countless listening pleasures. Like The Sun is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

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