Canadian Pop-Punkers Kin Crew Promote Their Latest Single

Kin Crew

Halifax, CA pop-punk duo Kin Crew are promoting their latest single named Feels Good. This particular composition also announces their upcoming extended play material I Swear I’m Okay, which is, according to this award artist/producer duo, one of their most important works to date. Feels Good is about being in a toxic relationship with someone who made you feel terrible, but for some reason, you couldn’t leave. It’s a profoundly emotive song about walking away from bad moods and overcoming the problems such as toxic relationships. Contemporary pop-punk sound is a perfect catalyst to convey powerful messages about feeling upset and depressed, so this creative duo wisely combined delicate lyrics and catchy pop-punk melodies to share their thoughts about it.

Kin Crew - Feels Good

The duo also stated: “Our brand is closely tied to mental health because we’ve both suffered from it, and we feel it’s important to keep that conversation going. We all suffer from some sort ofmental illness, however, what most people fail to realize is that you can either survivewith it or thrive with it. Your illness can be your superpower.”

The upcoming EP release is big for both artists, mainly because it’s their first release where both individuals are lead vocalists, allowing them to try out the position of a frontmen on the center of a stage. This material also indicates an entirely new direction for this duo, which aims more towards pop-punk/alter-pop success. Judging by their latest single, Kin Crew is aiming high with this particular composition, and they’re most likely to succeed. Feels Good is available on Spotify and YouTube.

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