Luminous Wavez – Raindrop Castle EP

Luminous Wavez - Raindrop Castle EP

Sometimes we all need some calmy music to clear heads from all the negative things that are lurking around during the week. Some subtle, gentle, sophisticated tunes are becoming essential mind healing tools considering these troubling times. Thankfully, there is a vast universe comprising tremendous artists, projects, and bands, who’re offering their ear-appealing music to the broader auditorium. The most impressive thing about these artists is that most of them are surprisingly good, but of course, some are better than others. Luminous Wavez unquestionably falls in the category of those tremendous projects who’re shaking the foundations of the indie scene. Their sophisticated approach to indie pop undoubtfully sounds fresh, unique and provides a whole different perspective on this particular genre.

Raindrop Castle represents a debut material by this interesting project. The recording carries five detailed indie-pop compositions that are expanding way beyond this genre, so you can hear some pleasant cinematic ambient, orchestral ambient, indie folk, indie rock, alternative rock, and classic pop. Luminous Wavez thoroughly incorporated these ingredients into profoundly detailed indie-pop compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest pair of ears. These experimentations with various complementary elements resulted in a tremendous material, which certainly offers more than simplistic indie sound as a whole. Quite the contrary, Raindrop Castle sounds as unique as it gets. Each number carries a particular dosage of psychedelic, melancholic, calmy tones that will melt your heart and clear your head from all the troubling thoughts you had before.

The nearly psychedelic/melancholic aesthetic goes hand in hand with symphonic/cinematic ambiances and orchestrations, but Luminous Wavez are not stopping there, and they’re tending to astonish their listeners even more. Even though these numbers are obviously calmy, you may hear how the little details and accentuations play one of the significant roles in their sophisticated music. The subtleness, moderate rhythms, and abovementioned ambiances enhance the atmosphere to the maximum. You may also hear how the intensity and suspense enclosed within these songs play with all your senses but in a very relaxing way. Raindrop Castle appears as a powerful, meaningful, emotive collection of songs that are offering so many beautiful moments. No matter if we’re talking about the intelligent lyricism of Mike Dobbins or the exquisite musicianship of Leaone, every song will reach you out in a special way. Raindrop Castle is available via streaming platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp.

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