Sean Waterman - Devices CD

Sean Waterman – Devices CD

Sean Waterman - Devices CD

There are many tremendous artists out there that decided to showcase their talent during the quarantine. Who knows when we would hear their music if there weren’t a current pandemic to push them to write, compose, record, produce their music. However, there’s a decent amount of artists whose talent goes beyond comprehension, and the tiniest spark was necessary to unleash their limitless ideas. Sean Waterman is unquestionably one of those artists who went a step further with his music. He became interested in acoustic guitar during the 4th grade, started taking lessons, and never looked back. After moving from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, GA, he decided to assemble what would later become his debut singles and EPs. His talent was notable right from the start, but after hearing his songs, everyone would notice Sean has what it takes to become the next big thing on the music scene.

He released several recordings, such as Locomotive Hearts EP, Dividing Lines EP, and a single named Bedpost. Each one of these recordings represents a natural progression of the immensely talented songwriter and musician such as Sean Waterman. Nevertheless, his brand new recording Devices exceed all expectations and provide countless listening pleasures from scratch to finish. Devices contain nine sophisticated indie-pop numbers, performed with so much sense for balance, structure, and harmony. Sean Waterman continuously levitates between several genres and thoroughly explores each one of them. His numbers are always showcasing a combination of a couple of these genres, steadily intervening and switching. Still, Waterman’s music remains perfectly balanced and harmonious.

Perhaps the sophisticated indie-pop dominates during the Devices the most, but you’ll also notice the involvement of other essential ingredients that are decorating this material. You’ll hear elements of indie rock, indie folk, electro-pop, pop, rhythm and blues, soul, drum and bass, hip hop, and many other similar genres. Sean combines all these complementary genres into a colossal slab of harmonious melodies are striking deep into the heart and soul of the listener. His performance is profoundly emotive, soulful, meaningful but also thoroughly detailed to the max. Sean understands his surroundings and deals with life, love, friendships, relationships, different moods, moments, memories, and circumstances through his detailed compositions. Each composition carries a meaningful message about situations we can all relate to, so his lyrics are always on point.

Waterman backed these delicate stories with a tremendous guitar performance. The acoustic guitar is unquestionably his preferred weapon of choice and one of the most dominant instruments throughout the entire album. However, you’ll not get bored by his brilliant ideas and tremendous musicianship because this musical mastermind unveils a comprehensive collection of melodies, harmonies, arpeggios, chord progressions, and other polyphonic delicacies. You may also stumble upon pleasant ambiances, organic and generic samples, and powerful rhythmic sections that keep these orchestrations stable and in line. The sound engineer and producer have done marvelous work on this recording so you will enjoy each tone delivered by Waterman. This album will be a perfect choice for all the admirers of perfectly executed acoustic performance, spiced up with loads of sonic delicacies. Devices will be available on all streaming services on June 18th. Don’t miss this one out.



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