Beingmoved – Smiles And Bigger Hearts CD (Various Labels)

Beingmoved - Smiles And Bigger Hearts CD - Various Labels

Today, I would like to introduce an Italian indie-rock group that’s been played on repeat since their compact arrived at my doorstep. Beingmoved emanates from the province of Savona, and Smiles And Bigger Hearts is their debut full-length album that’s been on the streets for quite some time now. The group previously published a My Everyday Pop Songs EP and a couple of singles such as My House and Young. This interesting quartet relies upon the luxurious indie-rock heritage, but instead of sounding predictable and repetitious like the vast majority of indie groups, Beingmoved are building up such a distinctive polyphonous atmosphere that will suit even those listeners who’re not admirers of this specific genre.

Besides the predominant presence of indie-rock sound, Beingmoved are undoubtfully exploring other possibilities to shape their profoundly melodious atmosphere. You’ll notice how nineties alternative rock, Midwest emo, Brit-pop, grunge, and underground melodic punk rock have influenced their sonic maneuvers throughout the entire recording. These guys are combining all these genres into a compact melancholic packaging, which bursts with unpretentious melodies, emotions, calmy moments, but with enough drive to keep you moving. Beingmoved are unquestionably very knowledgeable musicians who possibly shaped their music skills in previous bands because their experience is hearable on this material. Each composition is written, composed, arranged, structured to perfection, and the group thought about every possibility while working on this album.

Guitars are delivering such a specific vibe through semi-distorted tones that are sometimes resonating like they’re covered with subtle layers of the vibrato effect. The generous portions of pleasant melodic themes, various harmonizations, arpeggiated chord progressions, delicate accentuations, and other ear-appealing guitar licks are liberating loads of entertainment on each composition. Beingmoved are shinning bright because of these guitar works, which are sometimes overwhelming the complete ambiance with a melancholic vibe. However, catchy basslines are also one of the most important ingredients, mainly responsible for the dense sound of the entire group. A very expansive drumming performance keeps the remaining orchestrations in line with a series of moderate rhythmical sequences, creative accentuations, and synthesizing drum fills. The lead vocals are keeping chants in low keys and by that perfectly suiting the complete sonic maneuvers of Beingomoved. Still, the back vocals are helping out with an octave higher singalongs that are giving a special note to their highly engaging music.

Smiles And Bigger Hearts collects the best affinities of indie rock, alternative rock, emo, pop-punk, plus many more in one place. This spectacular indie album includes loads of listening pleasures, engaging melancholic melodies, and highly emotive moments that will keep you spinning this indie-rock gem even more. Smiles And Bigger Hearts comes on a compact disc, housed in a jewel case. This album is released thanks to the collaboration between Entes Anomicos Records, Flamingo Records, QSQDR, Burning Bungalow Records, Dotto, and Scatti Vorticossi. As you can see, there’s plenty of options to purchase this marvelous album, so don’t miss your chance to check out this masterpiece.

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