Feinted - Annihilation CS - Home Mort Records

Feinted – Annihilation CS (Home Mort Records)

Feinted - Annihilation CS - Home Mort Records

Feinted is an abrasive Italian d-beat hardcore group emanating from Milan. The group is lurking around the scene, but it keeps a low profile as much as possible. There’s a lack of information about group activities, and it seems that the Feinted is popping up sporadically with new releases. Since their formation, Feinted released a couple of recordings such as a self-titled EP and That Is One Big Pile Of Shit, both containing four compositions per release. However, the band decided to go a step further by publishing a proper full-length release, fully stacked with blistering hardcore punk numbers.

Annihilation comes with 24 highly abrasive, dynamic, maniacal hardcore punk compositions that are carrying enormous dosages of rage and aggression, which gradually takes even greater shape. Feinted has managed to incorporate the chaotic atmosphere, pure aggression, and tremendous dynamics with generous layers of noise and microphonics. However, these layers of noise are working out flawlessly with vigorous maneuvers provided by the entire group. Besides the predominant presence of fast-paced hardcore punk, you may hear elements of d-beat, crust punk, powerviolence, sludge, and doom. Despite the amount of the beforementioned elements, this comprehensive collection of raging hardcore punk numbers appears in specific harmony that certainly embraces the noisy atmosphere provided by the entire band.

Lead vocals are sharing almost equal amounts of gain as guitars. These layers of distortion are uplifting maniacal screams on an entirely new level, so the shouts are developing into a more threatening form. Both guitars are shaping up the sound of Feinted by firing a series of cleverly composed guitar shreds. Every composition shares a fair amount of great riffages, so Annihilation appears as a carefully designed storyline in terms of music. Chunky but also distorted basslines are backing up these guitar shreds with powerful low-end tones. Still, the bass guitar also acts as the compounding element between guitars and ultra-fast rhythm section. The maniacal drumming performance keeps the remaining orchestrations in line with fast-paced rhythmical sequences, which are fully supported by constant splashing over the cymbals.

This recording is a perfect pick for fans of abrasive, chaotic, dynamic hardcore punk, fully decorated with even more cacophonic delightfulness along the way. Annihilation could undoubtfully serve as two separate recordings or a double album, and I am not quite sure why Feinted decided to release it as a singular record. Nevertheless, these compositions are short but sweet, and you won’t be bothered much by the number of songs stacked on this material. This recording comes on a cassette decorated by equally obscure visual identity as the musical appearance. Head over to Home Mort for more detailed information about ordering.




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