V/A - Negative Frequency CS - Home Mort Records

V/A – Negative Frequency CS (Home Mort Records)

V/A - Negative Frequency CS - Home Mort Records

Home Mort started as a punk collective with the sole purpose of promoting the Sardinian underground music scene. Since their beginnings in 2015, the collective released numerous releases on multiple musical formats. The collective stayed true to the punk rock roots but also encompassed more genres under their branches, such as doom, stoner, sludge, metal, crust, post-punk, coldwave, and darkwave. Five years later, Home Mort Records are more than ready to explore techno waters by publishing a cassette stacked with remixes. The numbers that went through this treatment were carefully chosen by the collective, which gradually transformed into a full-time recording label.

Since the beginnings of 2020, Home Mort Records started embracing electronic and techno sound thanks to E.L.I.A.S, who’s also a part of the collective. The label has done proper research about the fundamentals of the techno movement and applied its essentials to the punk rock aesthetics that Home Mort nurtured for years. Negative Frequency represents the first techno installation of the recording label, comprised of five compositions previously published by their respective owners. Therefore, you may stumble upon selections like Beirut Is My Garden, Remorse, and Gargoyle by Rite, Where Lions Die by Squonk, and Eremo by Mesecina. These numbers were remixed by artists like küetzal, Sancta Sanctorum, Leafeater, Maltz, and E.L.I.A.S.

At the first moment, you would expect entirely unrecognizable techno remixes, which retain nothing but acid beats, simplified synths, and hermetic ambient segments. Nevertheless, that’s not the case, and the artists paid attention to every detail during the remixing process. Each composition grasps essentials of the original versions, decorated by the compelling beats, addictive synth sequences, darkened melodies, and appropriate accentuations. The melodic structures are remaining the same as the original compositions, but the velocious tempo liberates an entirely new perspective on these numbers. Slow, dark, and depressive punk rock compositions became fast, hypnotic, and danceable techno tunes, fully stacked by thoughtfully arranged electronic maneuvers.

Negative Frequency offers loads of entertaining moments if you’re profoundly into heavy acid beats and various sonic acrobatics. These artists delivered an entirely new approach to punk rock music that sounds energetic, powerful, and distinctive in every possible way. Negative Frequency comes on a cassette, followed by a specific visual identity. The cover artwork reveals a red cobra implemented beneath the gradient title. Head over to the Home Mort Bandcamp page and check out this interesting material.




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