Rite - Youth CS - Home Mort Records

Rite – Youth CS (Home Mort Records)

†rite - Youth CS - Home Mort Records

Youth is a debut cassette EP by Rite, an Italian post-punk outlet shrouded behind nearly minimalistic aesthetics. While I strived so hard to obtain any available information about the artist, I stumbled upon almost nothing on the web. Perhaps the artist tends to remain anonymous as much as possible and lets the music speak for itself. Whatever might be the case, this cassette release provides enough listening pleasures through dozen of sincerely cold, mildly dark, almost depressive, and unconcernedly sounding compositions. Just like post-punk should articulate and develop while listening.

Rite maintains a post-punk sound throughout the entire recording, except the closing number, where the artist decided to incorporate some old school techno movements instead of gripping the same post-punk aesthetics. Perhaps this decision spoils the overall atmosphere a little bit because it comes nearly unexpected after the series of great compositions that are entirely encompassing the cold and bleak ambiance. Nevertheless, this is just my personal opinion, and maybe some listeners will grasp the beauty of these old school electronic maneuvers as a bit of refreshment on this recording. Judging by the quality and performance, it’s an engaging composition that embodies the essentials of techno music. This track is equally good as the remaining numbers on this cassette.

Speaking of a remaining portion of the material, Rite incorporates all the vital elements of post-punk sound but also liberates some sonic maneuvers characteristic for goth rock, coldwave, darkwave, and garage punk music. You may notice loads of similarities with some renowned acts which are sharing common interests and genre definitions. It seems nearly impossible to miss the heavily influential sound of the greats when you perform post-punk music. Still, Rite manages to avoid some predictable maneuvers and keeps these articulations unique as much as possible. The artist considered every aspect of this recording. From engaging melodies delivered through semi-distorted guitars and compelling basslines to the sampled rhythmical acrobatics that are keeping every movement in line, Youth appears as more than rock-solid debut material by Rite.

Youth comes with an interesting visual identity that entirely follows the aesthetics of Rite. It showcases the photomanipulation of a statue with an additional pair of feet placed instead of arms. The cover artwork carries all the necessary information, such as a tracklist and label logo. Head over to Home Mort Records, and check out this interesting post-punk outlet.




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