Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)

Qoniak - Mutatio CD - Hummus Records

Qoniak is an experimental electronic duo comprised of Vincent Membrez and Lionel Friedli. The group explores so many musical spheres that it’s so difficult to grasp their music in just one listening. This duo bases its sound on vintage analog machines, profoundly detailed synthesis, and a comprehensive collection of complex rhythmical maneuvers. The highly intelligent composing, technically demanding musicianship, and sense for appropriate dosages of each genre they might explore along the way, keep their artistic expression entertaining for a while. After their critically acclaimed debut named Sentinent Beings, published through Everest Records in 2013, Qoniak is more than ready to deliver another dosage of sonic clusters to the broader auditorium.

Mutatio represents a brand new album with eight expansive compositions, fully stacked with highly energetic improvisations. These orchestrations completely go beyond specific genre classifications, and Qoniak tends to amaze their consumers with some impressive maneuvers throughout the entire recording. Besides predominant vintage sounds and modular synthesis, you may notice hearable explorations through a wide array of genres, such as free improvisation, chiptune, techno, free jazz, classic jazz, acid jazz, and funkadelic. The duo grasps all the qualities of these specific genres, filters them through modular synthesis, and let them out with massive portions of uncompromising energy. This energy comes straight from a very notable mathcore dynamics, which overwhelms the entire atmosphere with intense acrobatics.

Qoniak unquestionably kicks in with tremendous diversity, mainly showcased through gracious virtuosities. Both musicians supplement each other with compelling improvisations that are displaying all the qualities of Qoniak in the brightest light. However, you’ll probably need to spin this record a couple of times until you grasp all the technicalities included in each composition. Considering their previous recording, Qoniak never played on a safe card, so that’s the case with Mutatio as well. These experienced musicians are solely relying upon their musical capabilities, so Mutatio goes beyond standard musical definitions, rules, and regulations. Qoniak cherishes an unconventional approach to experimental music by defying all the monotonous characteristics of regular musical expressions. Mutatio will suit the admirers of free improvisations who’re looking out for more non-organic experimentations with sound.

Mutatio comes on limited deluxe vinyl, compact disc, and digital through Hummus Records. The album is up for a pre-order at Hummus Records web store, so head over to their website and preserve your copy while you still have the chance.

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