(Damn) This Desert Air – Nebulosity CD (Engineer Records)

It’s been a while since I covered some alternative rock music on these pages, and I feel this particular group is more than adequate and worth mentioning on the blog. (Damn) This Desert Air is an alternative rock quartet commencing from New Jersey. The group has been active for more than a decade, went through some line-up changes throughout the years, and so far released a self-titled debut EP in 2007, Koi Splits #2 in 2008, Distance Waits EP released in 2010, and a full-length album called Pyramids, released in 2012. After eight years, (Damn) This Desert Air returns in all its glory with another marvelous recording named Nebulosity.

Nebulosity offers four detailed compositions that are shapeshifting the boundaries of an alternative rock sound. The alternative rock may be their primary direction, but these musicians are not afraid to experiment with music. Quite the contrary, experimentations are more than welcome and vividly hearable throughout the entire material. (Damn) This Desert Air are not playing on the safe card with this one, but their music will appeal to the broader auditorium. The group merged the pieces all together without losing inviolable dominance of alternative music. Therefore, you may notice elements of fusion rock, space rock, indie, and post-hardcore along the way.

Craig Cirinelli completely dominates throughout the record with his wide-range vocal maneuvers. His chants are leading the consumers through the vast space of perfectly executed guitar shreds. The chord progressions are thoughtfully structured to match his vocal techniques. The guitars are keeping the right amounts of arpeggiated segments, compact shreddings, and more calmy moments on each composition. Therefore, each track contains the right amount of astounding moments that are keeping these tunes energetic, entertaining, and non-repetitious. Compelling basslines are coming somewhere in between and supporting guitar works with massive, but clean low-end tones. Nothing would sound so powerful without an excellent drummer. Remarkable drumming performance includes generous portions of cleverly arranged rhythmical structures, energized drum fills, and delicate accentuations.

Nebulosity carries an exceptional atmospheric feel that grows even bigger as this recording passes by. (Damn) This Desert Air managed to stack up emotions into relentlessly dynamic songs, unreservedly loaded with remarkable moments. The group demonstrates what they’re capable of through tremendous musicianship, defined orchestrations, and clever arrangements. The greatness of (Damn) This Desert Air lays down in decades of experience, dedication, and knowledge. Nebulosity comes on a compact disc housed in a cardboard sleeve. It’s available at Engineer Records web store, so head over to their website and treat yourself with some magnificent alternative rock music.

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