O Captain! My Captain! – Sleep Well Soon CD (Fond Of Life Records)

What started as an acoustic duo between Pascal and David Vicari, two brothers thirsty for some indie oriented punk rock music, suddenly evolved into a quartet with the addition of Benjamin Johannes and Markus Ott. The group delivered profoundly emotive acoustic compositions through records such as Travels and Chasing Fireflies, until now, when they’re ready to elevate even further and offer more to the broader auditorium. These German punk rockers are proving that a band doesn’t need to change direction to accommodate the requirements of the contemporary music scene. Quite the contrary, the group leans towards aesthetics in which they feel much more comfortable as musicians.

Sleep Well Soon is the latest album by O Captain! My Captain! that showcases the exact direction of the band, but with some enhancements, improvements, and gradual accentuations included along the way. Instead of following the tradition with previous recordings, Sleep Well Soon carries subtly distorted guitars that uplift the atmosphere with a little bit more power. Still, the band incorporates some acoustic segments when needed. Bass guitar switches from slightly distorted to more warm sounding tones depending on the current mood. Compelling drumming performance keeps everything compact, dynamic, entertaining through dominantly moderate tempos. O Captain! My Captain! shaped up their sound to accommodate thematics surrounding the album, but also kept in mind to retain some aesthetics of their previous recordings.

Sleep Well Soon levitates somewhere between indie rock atmosphere and appealing melodic punk rock sound. The group tends to blend best of both worlds through thoughtfully composed melodies, clever arrangements, and excellent songwriting. Characteristic indie vocals give more power to the compelling melodic thematics, but also lead the listeners throughout the entire album. The lyrics are dealing with relationships, friendships, various situations, and circumstances. There’s something poetic, philosophical, and profoundly emotive about them that gives chills down the spine. The album goes beyond comprehension at moments when the chants and subtle melodies collide, so these lyrics enhance the atmosphere with deeply emotional moments.

Sleep Well Soon comes on colored splatter vinyl and compact disc housed in beautiful digipack packaging. The cover includes all the detailed info about the album, lyrics, and appropriate illustrations. You can still pre-order Sleep Well Soon at Fond Of Life Records until August 14th, when the album will be officially released.

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