Motron - Who'll Stop The Rain? LP

Motron – Who’ll Stop The Rain? LP (Various Labels)

Motron is a furious crust’n’roll quintet from Varese, Italy consisted of bandmembers previously involved in renowned Italian groups such as Kontatto, Miseria, Campus Sterminii, Pioggia Nera and Devoid Of Thought. The group has been pretty much active since the formation in 2012, with debut demo recording being published in 2013. Three years later, Motron decided to release a debut full-length record named Eternal Headache, which made quite a breakthrough in the underground DIY scene. The group also published three songs as a promo EP in 2017. Therefore, Who’ll Stop The Rain is their latest offering to the broader audience.

For those show are experiencing Motron for the first time, the group solely relies on ferocious d-beat rhythms layered with fuzzy crust’n’roll guitar shreds. The band uses already proven formula tested in some of their previous endeavors, but the additional dosage of catchy rock’n’roll surrenders even more power. Guitars are sounding tight from scratch to finish, with occasional speed metal palm-muted segments, especially hearable throughout the verses. Motron uses this palm-muted segments as a starting point, while the various rock’n’roll virtuosities pervade the ambiance. Both guitars retain abrasive sound throughout the album, but all the orchestrations are more than hearable.

Warm sounding basslines saturate the atmosphere with well-defined tones that certainly provide a stable background for guitars. Bass guitar also creates such remarkable bondage between guitar shreds and intense drumming experience. The rhythm section tears everything in a wide radius with thoughtfully arranged rhythmical structures. Vocals are somewhere between growls and grunts, but they fit nicely to the presented shreddings. At moments, Motron vividly resembles of some prominent bands like Driller Killer, Disgust, Discharge, Motorhead, Extreme Noise Terror, GBH, Avskum, plus many others who included sinister rock’n’roll sounds over hellish d-beat rhythms.

Through Who’ll Stop The Rain, Motron demonstrates velocious rock’n’roll driven crust punk with foundations deeply rooted in d-beat sound. The entire album liberates aggression through thirteen blasting compositions, plus a bonus cover number by the legendary Italian group Nabat. Who’ll Stop The Rain comes on limited red and standard black vinyl, thanks to a collaboration between labels such as Calimocho Autoproduzioni, Nuclear Chaos, Up The Punx, Pasidaryk Pats, Angry Voice, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Missing The Point, Disastro Sonoro, Bologna Punx, and Get Syro.




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