The Special Bombs – Eruptions CD (SBÄM Records)

SBÄM Records are pretty much on a winning streak lately with notable new releases by Bottlekids, S.I.G, Chaser…plus many more to be published till the end of the year. The label specialized in releasing remarkable melodic punk rock music since day one. That’s also the case with Eruptions, the latest offering to the broader audiences by The Special Bombs. This German punk rock quartet has been active since 2017, and despite being active for a short period, The Special Bombs has already published great material called Stay True. Therefore, Eruptions are their debut full-length album, but the band members are longstanding participants on the local scene.

The Special Bombs carry dozen of melody-driven punk rock songs, saturated by the accentuations characteristic for US street punk scene. The group also includes some appealing highlights usually hearable within the indie rock circles. Right with the opening beats of Eruptions, you’ll notice overwhelming resemblance with some renowned groups, such as The Menzingers, The Flatliners, Swingin’ Utters, Off With Their Heads, Bouncing Souls, Hot Water Music, Social Distortion, and Against Me! However, The Special Bombs include some signature moves over the top through some remarkable harmonizations and rhythmical manipulations. Therefore, Eruptions appear anthemic throughout the entire material without being monotonous, predictable, or repetitious.

Besides entirely energetic rhythmical twists and turns, highly addictive guitar dualities, and pleasant chunkiness of the bass guitar, The Special Bombs include appropriate singalongs. These singalongs empower compositions with their notable appearance but also support the lead vocals by standing out from the remaining portion of the group. Lead vocals retain natural distortion in the vocal cords that give an anthemic, emotive, melancholic vibe to the songs. Eruptions liberate immense amounts of dynamics and compelling melodic structures through ten thoughtfully arranged compositions. The Special Bombs executed this album in the best possible way, and their songwriting and composing abilities are utterly tremendous.

Eruptions come on a completely white vinyl record and compact disc housed in a standard digipack packaging. Both options look equally good, so pick up your weapon of choice and support the work of both The Special Bombs and SBÄM Records by ordering this one. Head over to the SBÄM Records web store or visit The Special Bombs Bandcamp page for more detailed info about ordering.

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