The Detectors – Ideology CD (SBÄM Records)

The Detectors are melodic punk rock quartet commencing from Kiel, a town located on the very north of Germany. The group took their engagement to music very seriously, so up to this moment, The Detectors performed over 400 shows. They shared the stage with some heavyweights of the genre such as Strike Anywhere, Leatherface, The Casualties, The Damned, Fucked Up, ZSK, Time Again, Antillectual…and the list goes on and on. Besides being active touring across Europe and Russia, The Detectors use their music as a platform to spread the importance of fighting back fascism, nationalism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, genderism, capitalism, and animal-exploitation.

Their latest effort called Ideology profoundly covers the abovementioned topics through ferociously melodic punk rock numbers. Ideology is their third full-length album, and the group previously released albums such as TwentyOne Days and Deny. A brand new album is a proper continuation of the previous recordings, but with some innovations and improvements included along the way. For those who are encountering their music for the first time, The Detectors nurture distinctive sound form. Their sound classifies as classic melodic punk rock, but as usual, there’s more than meets the eye. The Detectors certainly use melodic punk rock as a starting point but also include technically demanding skate punk segments, appealing pop-punk elements, and melodic hardcore dynamics.

Therefore, Ideology appears diverse as it gets, with the sound being continuously intense, entertaining, innovative, and dynamic. The Detectors took things on an entirely new level by building structured compositions, mainly comprised of technical guitar shreds, which often transform into anthemic pop-punk moments. Compelling singalongs follow these moments and enhance the overall listening experience. Then the group continues in more moderate melodic punk rock waters that all of a sudden transform into ferocious melodic hardcore sequences. The Detectors sound compact through all these rollercoaster maneuvers, and these sonic interpolations don’t spoil all the fun. Quite the contrary, the group somehow founded a compromise between these distinctive subgenres of punk rock. Therefore, the complete album keeps the attention with thoughtfully arranged compositions.

For those who’re looking out for a more profound examination, The Detector collects some characteristics usually notable in the renowned groups such as Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Useless ID, Iron Chic, RVIVR, Anti-Flag, but The Detectors are entirely keeping in their manner. Ideology liberates meaningful messages through profoundly energetic compositions that call out the public to resist, rebel, revolt on a global scale. The album comes on both vinyl and compact disc. Head over to SBÄM Records for more detailed info about ordering.

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