Sleave – Don’t Expect Anything CD (Engineer Records)

There’s something about groups who merge alternative with melodic punk rock music. The vast portion of these groups incorporates exact measurements of each ingredient to highlight particular moments in their music, but eventually, these examinations grow into something much monolithic. Sleave is one of the beforementioned bands that possess the common sense and knowledge about proper composing and songwriting. Right with the commencing beats of their record, you’ll notice the expanding musical experience that each band member showcases with such ease. I stumbled upon their music a week ago due to my research, and couldn’t be more impressed with each tune I’ve listened so far. A couple of days later, I’ve received their CD for review thanks to Engineer Records.

Don’t Expect Anything is their marvelous debut album comprising of twelve emotive compositions. Previously, Sleave released debut single Better Now in 2017 and Gold EP in 2018. Later on, the group announced a new material by releasing a dozen of singles such as Homebound, Check Myself, and Swept. Judging by these compositions, those who followed their activities from the start witnessed remarkable progress of this Richmond, Virginia based trio. Sleave incorporates the precision of alternative music, melodies of punk rock, and the massive dynamics of post-hardcore. But the trio doesn’t stop there and includes the dirtiness of the nineties grunge scene saturated by the notable emotiveness of an emo scene of the same era.

Each composition includes a gracious dosage of melancholy that saturates the atmosphere with defined emotive moments, mainly showcased through structured harmonizations and appealing vocal segments. Another layer of compelling guitars empowers these melodies with arpeggiated themes, octaves, and other virtuosities. Besides the mentioned explorations with various genres, Sleave also demonstrates benevolence towards the pop-punk sound. However, the group does it in a very subtle but hearable manner. The bass guitar surrenders magnificent low-end tones somewhere beneath the guitar works, but these basslines are recognizable throughout the entire album. These basslines also fulfill the gaps between guitar and exceptional drumming performance.

Don’t Expect Anything pairs to contemporary trends presented on indie/punk rock/post-hardcore scene with a comprehensive collection of wonderfully performed melodies and rhythmical acrobatics. Sleave demonstrated impressive musicianship and tremendous songwriting skills through twelve marvelously composed numbers. The group whipped up a personal recipe that works pretty well and retains the album rememberable for an extensive period. Don’t Expect Anything comes on a compact disc housed in a cardboard sleeve. Head over to the Engineer Records website and treat yourself with this mindblowing masterpiece.

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