End Of Pipe – Mass Hysteria CD (Various Labels)

End Of Pipe - Mass Hysteria CD

End Of Pipe has been pretty much active for almost a decade and a half, usually performing at the punk rock parties, and skateboarding championships. The group built up the sound based upon the nineties’ melodic punk cherished by the skateboarding culture. Originating from Florianópolis, these Brazilian punk rockers have published some decent recordings, such as Don’t Think Twice EP, and appeared on a tribute to Samiam called Burn The House Down by covering Factory, and Mexico. Then they recorded a live single named Doped, another extended play Keep Running, Equators EP, and following singles Memories and Get Alive. Then the band took two years to write, compose, and record what will become their debut album.

Mass Hysteria represents their debut full-length recording, consisting of ten marvelously structured melodic punk rock compositions. Besides already mentioned singles Memories and Get Alive, included on this comprehensive amalgam, End Of Pipe gathered the impressive special guest appearances on particular numbers. The guest list includes Mark Vecchiarelli (Shades Apart), Frank Lacatena (Slap of Reality / The Sophomore Effort), Scott Hallquist (Ten Foot Pole / DC Fallout), Émilie Pnkmondon (50 Shades of Punk Rock / Excuse Me Mister) and Felix (Hardlife / Mallet / Kamikazes Refuse). Right with the first beats of the record, End Of Pipe promises loads of entertainment. This powerful trio incorporates aesthetics of the nineties skate punk sound, heavily popularized by the Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Nitro Records, but the band has so much more to offer through these compelling compositions. End Of Pipe may appear as a traditional melodic punk rock group, but there’s more than meets the eye. Besides predominant skate punk aesthetics, the trio doesn’t hesitate to include elements of appealing pop-punk or relentless dynamics of melodic hardcore. There are even some post-hardcore guitar licks penetrating the atmosphere, subtle enough not to spoil the overall listening experience. The trio calculated every single movement included throughout the recording, and the special guests unquestionably contribute with their unique moves. Considering the exceptional musicianship showcased through the specter of marvelous thematics, End Of Pipe doesn’t need a second guitar player at all. The bass guitar does all the low-end work through technically demanding basslines, drenched in between guitars and profoundly dynamic drumming performance. You may hear some notable resemblance with renowned groups such as Shades Apart, Samiam, Millencolin, Hot Water Music, Pennywise, Pulley, but End Of Pipe leaves loads of room for some signature moves.

Mass Hysteria comes on compact disc, cassette, and all digital platforms thanks to a collaboration between Electric Funeral Records, Mevzu Records, and Takeover Records. It includes a meaningful illustration depicting the uprising against the current Brasilian regime. End Of Pipe unquestionably thought about each aspect of their debut album, and the effort involved in this particular material is completely hearable through these impressive numbers. A highly recommended CD for fans of an energetic punk rock sound.

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