Antillectual – Covers EP (Various Labels)


Antillectual is returning back with the highly anticipated Covers EP. This politically-charged punk rock trio has been a powerful catalyst for intelligent melodic music for quite a while. The group solely focuses on the importance of being socially aware in the times when mankind easily lacks compass over its actions. Their music serves loads of thoughtfully detailed insights on how to prevail the problems of contemporary society, and reach a harmonious outcome for all the participants. Antillectual has provided their thoughts on these topics through numerous full-length records and singles, distributed by loads of great recording labels, so their message has been heard all over the globe. However, this time Antillectual has decided to experiment with a slightly different approach, so they alerted all the possible participants to crowdfund their highly anticipated Cover 7” record. The band has discreetly picked four numbers they grew up listening to and decided to cover some prominent heavyweights such as The Police, Ramones, Blondie, and The Stooges. The record commences with Truth Hits Everybody by The Police. Antillectual did the incredible work on this particular composition mainly because they’ve changed the song structure and arrangements a little bit. The guitars have been drenched into a very notable chorus effect, so the harmonizations are leveled up with a detailed dreamy ambiance. The rhythm section sounds firm and precise, and their excellent performance empowered this amazing song even more. I Believe In Miracles by the Ramones is coming up next, and the chorus effect is less notable but still present in the mix. The basslines are more hearable on this composition, while the drumming segments are coming nearly to the original song. The group left the arrangements intact, but they certainly provided their renowned melodic accent, so the composition comes approximately to the characteristic Antillectual sound. Hanging On The Telephone by Blondie begins in all its glory on the other side of this distinctive cover record. Willem outstandingly performed vocals on this number, and the remainder of the group follows up with marvelous musicianship. This particular composition has been empowered by the detailed performance on the Hammond organ that fulfills the aforementioned musicianship with pleasant ambiance. Search & Destroy by The Stooges provides closure to this part of the record. Antillectual has decided to go full blast on this number. This version grasps the rawness of the original song, but the group soaked it into generous chord progressions. Antillectual grasped both richness and aggression of the original tune with even more harmonics on the plate. The group has covered favorite bands that shaped their musical background and uplifted these songs on an entirely new level. These recordings will suit to the loyal fans of these bands, but also to the faithful admirers of the Antillectual’s recognizable sound. The Covers EP has been backed up by various labels such as Fond Of Life Records, Geenger Records, Guerilla Asso, Lockjaw Records, Morning Wood Records, NoReason Records, Mud Cake Records, Shield Recordings, Thousand Islands Records, White Russian Records, Keep it a Secret, Lensen Industries, Bad Mood Asso and SBÄM. Check out these labels for availability or purchase directly Antillectual web store.

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