Generation 84 – Leap 10” (Lost Culture Records / Morning Wood Records)


Generation 84 celebrates the tenth anniversary with another remarkable release. After their previous releases such as self-titled EP, Regardless Of What Is Right, Let’s Do This EP, and Relentless, the band goes step further with Leap, another 10” record comprised of six melodic punk rock songs. For those who are not familiar with this Belgian group, Generation 84 is a highly energetic quintet solely inspired by heavyweights such as Good Riddance, No Use For A Name, Raised Fist, Descendents, No Fun At All, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere, and Propagandhi. Therefore, their music levitates between catchiness of contemporary punk rock and melodic hardcore punk sound. Leap commences with Unwavering Metronome, blasting opening track with a brilliant melodic overture. The track possesses charismatic song structure, marvelous octave themes, and defined calmy moments saturated with palm-muted guitars. Ear pleasing chorus gets comfortably beneath the skin, and therefore there’s no wonder why Unwavering Metronome has been assigned as an initial number. Office Innocence continues at the same pace, but this particular song delivers more aggressive screaming vocal partitions to the table. The similar arrangements are leaving the sense of fulfillment like the previous composition, and it seems Generation 84 has perfected their ideal songwriting formula for this recording. The track ends with sacral choir chants and transits into the Two Kids With Scars Pt.1. Generation 84 goes full throttle with this enormously energetic melodic hardcore punk track. It comes as a refreshment after two moderate numbers and shreds the calmy atmosphere into pieces with vigorous rhythms, and robust riffages. To be more precise, this particular number serves more like an overture for Two Kids With Scars Pt.2. The second version provides the same ferocity, but with more harmonizations, and clean chants involved throughout the complete composition. After breaking the sound barrier with both versions, Generation 84 proceeds with approximately the same velocity by including another skate punk anthem on this recording. End This Now resembles nineties skate punk sound through the straightforward approach to the genre. This number comes as a direct punch in the face accompanied by powerful singalongs, memorable chord progressions, and dynamic rhythm section. End This Now provides such an energetic indication of a closure, which appears with Leap, the latter composition incorporated on this recording. The latest addition to this marvelous record liberates enormous servings of highly emotive harmonies mainly produced by various guitar dualities. Generation 84 has decided to end up this record with a blast, and Leap surrenders both notable emotiveness and loads of raw dynamics. The vocals are probably the centerpiece of this number, mainly because of perfectly polarized clean chants and raging screams. The entire rhythm section fulfills the ambiance with the massive dynamics that are outstandingly layered with the rest of the instruments. The complete recordings demonstrate the ultimate power of Generation 84 and showcase the progress they’ve made as a band during ten years of existence. Leap is a proper celebration of their tenth anniversary that will suit all the admirers of melodic hardcore punk sound. The EP has been published on black vinyl and compact disc by Lost Culture Records, and Morning Wood Records.

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