Swingin Utters – Sirens 7” (Fat Wreck Chords)


Brand new 7” came out of nowhere as a surprise. Sirens EP’ follow up their preceding full-length record Peace And Love, which has been released by their longtime catalyst Fat Wreck Chords. The band ripes like a fine wine since their formation in the late eighties, and each new recording sounds more compact than its predecessor. New recording remits a couple of great numbers performed in a classic Swingin Utters manner. To be fair, it’s kinda cool when the group retains its signature sound and endures after thirty years of existence. The group commences with remarkable chord harmonizations stacked in the number named Sirens. This particular composition serves as an overture to what’s coming up next but also contributes relaxing melodies non-characteristic for this renowned band. It possesses a characteristic power-pop feel saturated with loads of alternative rock decorations. The next song arises like a blast with somewhat distorted guitars and mid-tempo drumming maneuvers. Innocence could be comfortably classified as a typical Swingin’ Utters tune, performed to evoke the true spirit of their previous recordings. This particular number combines elements of classic punk rock, but it bears gracious dosages of rock’n’roll as well. The remaining serving of Sirens 7” involves alternative mixes of Louise And Her Spider, and Dubstep, both adopted from Peace And Love. I’ve expected much more innovations consolidated on both compositions, but it seems that the band has determined to give them another treatment at the mixing console. However, both songs sound much more enjoyable on Peace And Love, in my humble opinion. The sound has been decreased to accommodate the remaining share of the fresh material, so I guess these oldies are just wasting space on the B-Side. Don’t get me wrong, these pieces are sounding just fine, but it would be more useful if the band spent a couple more hours in the studio and recorded two latest songs. B-Side possesses a value for the record collectors and nothing more. Still, Sirens and Innocence are totally worth the money, so this 7” will fit nicely alongside the remaining Swingin’ Utters discography in your record collection. Sirens 7” has been released physically and digitally by Fat Wreck Chords.

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