Idle Threat – 7 Year Plan 7”


Somehow I’ve completely missed this band, and my jaw instantly dropped when I discovered their latest 7” record. Idle Threat is Sydney, Australia based quintet with a couple of singles and a full length in their back catalog. The group announced a brilliant debut album called Rope Burn with singles such as The Drop, Rope Burn, and Visible Hanoi’d that showcase the ultimate power through a remarkable mixture of melodic hardcore and skate punk sound. 7 Year Plan is a proper continuation of their previous recordings, but the band sounds even more fierce than before. Their music is absolutely inspired by some melodic heavyweights such as A Wilhelm Scream, Only Crime, Comeback Kid, as the band stated in their biography on the Facebook page. However, Idle Threat seems to be more dynamic than the aforementioned acts, and their music will appeal more to the fans of straightforward in your face melodic hardcore. This awesome 7” commences with Shin Splints, neat composition with a massive overture performed over the toms. Catchy guitar shreddings have been layered with notable high-pitched vocals, which sound so unique throughout the entire number. Such a great opening tune that promises a lot of entertainment through the rest of this record. 7 Year Plan is coming up next with crossover thrash riffages, mainly highlighted with remarkable basslines that certainly uplift the overall listening experience. These crossover thrash structures have been drenched in occasional skate punk harmonizations, subtle enough not to spoil the sheer aggression of the complete song. Very precise drumming segments are keeping at the same pace as the previous number, but the drummer incorporates even more rhythmical maneuvers. Virtual Machines is the third and last song on this 7” record. Like preceding tunes, Virtual Machines offers even further explorations though the aesthetics of melodic hardcore punk, but the Idle Threat has decided to slow down a little bit. At least that’s the case at the first partition of this composition. The band retains the aggressive approach by implementing palm-muted instrumentations in the first half of the song, which has been layered with excellent singalongs on choruses. Melodic orchestrations are dividing slower segments from the more agile ones, and the band concludes this composition with ferocious speed. 7 Year Plan is an awesome demonstration of knowledge, experience, and remarkable musicianship showcased through three distinctive melodic hardcore punk tunes. Idle Threat doesn’t play on the safe card by any means, and they’re digging deep into the fundamentals of their favorite genres to craft something meaningful. 7 Year Plan is currently available on vinyl, cassette, and all the streaming services. Support the work of Idle Threat by purchasing their music on your most preferable format.

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