Static Shock – Static Shock CD


Static Shock is an uprising hardcore quartet emerging from Edinburgh, Scotland. As far as I am acquainted, this is their self-titled debut album, and it’s comprised of nine kicking tunes. Judging by the cover artwork and after several glimpses taken at the info, Static Shock solely concentrates on DIY aesthetics, so these are bonus points in my book. Considering the quality of the release itself, the band has done tremendous work on their debut, starting from interesting front cover illustration to quality of the compact disc housed in a professionally printed digipack cardboard sleeve. Static Shock obviously took DIY ethos to another level with this one, and I am giving them props for it. The group leans towards aggressive UKHC sound with delicate crossovers to the street punk, d-beat, and thrash metal music. These crossovers are graciously decorating hardcore punk aesthetics but also serve as powerful enhancements, which improve the overall listening experience. It seems that Static Shock feels comfortable in these waters because their music appears like the bandmembers are performing together for a very long period. Most songs have been performed in the characteristic mid-tempo rhythm that, alongside with gradually distorted basslines, provide immense support to occasionally palm-muted guitars. However, Static Shock sometimes explores other technics that keep their compositions entertaining throughout the entire material. Each composition has been accommodated by clever guitar harmonizations, octaves, and fills to uplift certain partitions even more. Vocals have been performed in a classic streetcore manner, and they’re perfectly centered on the recording, so you’ll hear every word sung along throughout the album. Static Shock somehow managed to incorporate subtly melodic harmonizations, but still retain sheer aggressive sound, which is definitely a fundament of this group. If you’re seeking for a more extensive examination of their music, Static Shock can be correlated with some renowned acts such as Broken Bones, Discharge, GBH, The Varukers, and many others who incorporated thrash metal, and hardcore punk aesthetics to foundations of UK82 sound. This self-titled album can be purchased directly from Static Shock at their Bandcamp page, so definitely check them out if you’re a fan of UKHC sound.

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