Notes To Myself – Embers 7” (Various Labels)


Somehow I’ve juggled this phenomenal record when it came out during the summer of 2019, but better to catch up with brilliant music late than never. The saddest thing about this band is the lack of info about their career and achievements, but judging by the scraps of information found at Discogs, Notes To Myself has been formed two decades ago. The band managed to record one demo recording, a self-titled debut album and Waking With The Wolves. Embers 7” is their latest offering to the wider audiences comprised of four ultra-melodic compositions, which have been soaked in countless melancholic layers. Notes To Myself offers cleverly arranged music that goes deep into subtle but effective guitar harmonizations, dominant clean basslines, and precise drumming sequences. The band incorporates a wide array of euphonious influences such as emo, indie, power pop, post-rock, punk rock, but somehow endures to spice things up even more. Embers surely sound like an immensely emotive orchestration, performed by experienced musicians who are aware of their capabilities, so this recording manifests some additional vibes as well. It seems that the band aims to settle some inner cravings by expressing an entire collection of thoughtfully furnished feelings that go within underground music. These perceptions have been fully accumulated by remarkable musicianship of the group, so this symbiosis makes Notes To Myself interesting even after countless reproductions of this amazing record. The sheer amount of various subgenres unquestionably made this specific recording even more affluent, therefore Embers will probably satisfy even the pickiest listeners who decide to pick up this piece of plastic. Each composition is notable in its own distinctive manner, mainly because of the comprehensive collection of brilliant ideas invested in each particular song. Embers come with a classic black ink on yellow paper printed cover artwork that perfectly mimics old school xerox printed photo manipulations. Unlike their music, Notes To Myself left this minimal and simplistic, so the main focus remains on very detailed sound. This magnificent record has been published in a co-operation between dozen of labels, such as La Agonia De Vivir, Pifia Records, Error! Music and Cretins Go To Heaven Records.

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