Screeching Weasel – Some Freaks Of Atavism


Some Freaks Of Atavism is a fictional monograph quoted in The Hound Of Baskervilles, one of many adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which has been written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, Some Freaks Of Atavism also refers to a brand new full-length album by pop-punk legends Screeching Weasel. Atavism is a tendency to revert to something ancient or ancestral. Perhaps the band urges contemporary society to return back to the rudimental practices of living, or they simply just find this particular topic suitable as the album title. These pioneers of pop-punk music have been active since 1986, suffered a couple of hiatuses, but the group has always got back with great material. Led by tireless Ben Weasel, Screeching Weasel delivers another comprehensive collection of anthemic punk rock tunes that will cheer up their longtime fans and gather newbies who are exploring this subgenre for the first time. Like them or not, Screeching Weasel are probably most responsible for the popularization of pop-punk as a genre. Their music influenced dozen of bands who are undoubtfully popular within underground circles nowadays. It becomes an undeniable fact once you compare their older recordings with those produced by modern pop-punk bands today. Some Freaks Of Atavism brings the recognizable sound of the band, but somehow they sound tighter than ever, so I would never rate this album as a pop-punk album because it leans more to a classic punk rock sound. The formula is still the same, band deliberates gracious portions of four-chord shreddings saturated with brilliant lead guitar fills. It sounds simplistic, but very effective and it comes as a bit of refreshment in times when we’re piled with loads of technically demanding punk rock bands. Both guitars have been pervaded with notable warm sounding basslines that are definitely hearable throughout the entire record. Excellent drumming segments are mainly responsible for all the presented dynamics within the band, but they also provide massive support to low-end maneuvers of bass guitars. Besides some pop-punk standards, Screeching Weasel gradually incorporates elements of classic punk rock, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, twist, but everything is nicely layered with their signature moves. This album embraces experience, creativeness, and knowledge into a comprehensive collection of emotive compositions loaded with various twists and turns that will surprise all the fans of this legendary band. Some Freaks Of Atavism has been accompanied by a recognizable movie poster art for A Clockwork Orange, a longtime dystopian crime classic by Stanley Kubrick. The artwork has been adapted for the purposes of the album, so Alex (starring Malcolm McDowell) has been replaced with recognizable Screeching Weasel mascot. Some Freaks Of Atavism is available at all streaming services across the web.

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