Fizzgigs – Weeeeeeeeeeeee Are The Fizzgigs 10”


Fizzgigs are the newest pop-punk attraction featuring ex-members of Belvedere. The band emerges from Calgary, Alberta, and they made a huge breakthrough thanks to their demo recording that has been published on their Bandcamp page year ago. The band continues their sonic endeavors with debut full-length album called Weeeeeeeeeeeee Are The Fizzgigs that has been released a couple of days ago. It would be so senseless to describe Fizzgigs as a simplistic pop-punk rock band because there are more features in their music than meets the eye. Fizzgigs are delivering emotional pop-punk music drenched with numerous chord progressions but lead guitar provides even more detailed glimpse in a very complex sound of the band. These layers of various chromatic wonderments are beyond comprehension, and they highlight each composition with very modest but detailed melodies. These guitar dualities have been sustained by a precisely performed basslines that are providing incredibly massive sound. Nothing would sound so compact without excellent drumming that absolutely matches to brilliant musicianship of the entire band. Lead vocals are enhancing the atmosphere with emotive chants saturated with soapy singalongs, which are definitely uplifting the overall listening experience. Weeeeeeeeeeeee Are The Fizzgigs represents a comprehensive collection of magnificent pop-punk tunes performed by experienced musicians who are active on the scene for several decades. Their capabilities to compose catchy anthemic punk rock songs loaded with memorable refrains goes beyond cliche pop-punk standards. This material easily pairs to some punk classics, defies contemporaries, and paves the way for upcoming generations of punk rockers who are deeply into the tender pop-punk sound. Weeeeeeeeeeeee Are The Fizzgigs appears with some visual wonderments comprised of a funny creature demolishing the playground. The artwork has been done by Hamburger Hands, and it goes great with the music of Fizzgigs. The album is available as a transparent electric blue or double mint 10” record, digipack compact disc, but you can also stream the entire album at Fizzgigs Bandcamp page.

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