ZombiesNO – All You Can Hate EP


ZombiesNO is coming back with another great material called All You Can Hate. Despite being torn apart because of the distance and current world events, this international punk rock machine doesn’t have any intentions to stop. The band has suffered some line-up changes, so this group of skillful musicians is now enhanced by Claudio Balest, who took vocal duties in charge. Last year was so fruitful for ZombiesNO, they’ve managed to tour Switzerland, Italy and the UK, but also had to slow down a bit and rethink the future of the band. Luckily, the band somehow managed to organize themselves and has recorded five brand new skate punk compositions that will definitely tear apart your hearing apparatus. To be honest, picking up the favorite tune of this one was not an easy task since all the numbers have dozen of highlights. The band balances between the nineties Epitaph / Fat Wreck catalog, contemporary skate punk music but also have added up some old school hardcore punk, and metal in these gracious servings of brilliant musicianship. These musical maneuvers resulted in a very complex combination of enormously melodic, highly energetic skate punk orchestrations that have also been pervaded by occasional tight guitar shreddings. The entire band provided one hundred percent of their energy into this material, and the vigorous dynamics can be fully noted throughout the complete extended play. Brand new vocalist supplies another dimension, or should I say the enhanced version of this recognizable melodic punk rock band, so besides providing his maximum, he also increased the overall listening experience with magnificent vocal abilities. Lyric-wise, the album solely focuses on a political aspect that certainly differs between countries, almost total impartiality from modern society, but also questions some personal conflicts by re-evaluating important topics and circumstances from a peculiar perspective. These themes are fully covered by enormous servings of various sonic wonderments, and they go hand in hand altogether. Speaking from a personal perspective, All You Can Hate is such a remarkable comeback of these experienced musicians who’re once again proving they’re meaning serious business. This material is a huge improvement of a band who are surprising punk rock fans whenever they publish new material, so All You Can Hate is no excuse either. This recording is currently in the pressing plant, and it will soon be available on a vinyl and compact disc. Make sure to follow ZombieNo at all social media sites for further information.



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